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Hi There,

Yumcha Child was conceived in 2007 whilst on an amazing road trip around Australia with my family. The idea for Yumcha Child was seeded in my head as I embraced this amazing country.

Always wanting to be a small business owner, having an extensive fashion background and being a proud Mum, my passion began. With a sprinkle of the east in my blood lines, I have always had an affiliation with eastern culture, oriental fabrics, a love of stir frys, sushi and yumcha!

The journey began to find the perfect fabric to indulge little one's in luxury while preserving the environment. After many late nights when our little princess Ruby was fast asleep, Craig and my research began. And so Bamboo was found. Bamboo fabric is a new generation fabric which is soft and silky and has many beneficial properties. Bamboo is perfect for babies delicate skin. It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial preventing odour, skin irritations and allergies. Not to mention Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and snuggly.
Yumcha Child is created in colours and designs that evoke happiness and laughter. Emotions that every baby should experience each and every day. Yumcha Child adds a touch of cute to the little one's organic fashion world. And It's all about the packaging!!!
Thankyou for choosing Yumcha Child. Your choice is not just adorable and stylish. You are helping to support a globally sustainable industry.
Together our combined actions can make a difference.

Suzie, Craig and Ruby


Please direct all media enquiries to Suzie on 0413 917 592 or email me at yumchachild@live.com.au

I am more than happy to provide products and images for shoots and editorials and look forward to assisting you in this area.